Thursday, 29 May 2014


“Global Justice Moves 2015” is  the outcome of a consultation process across the GCAP network which started during our Global Assembly in Johannesburg November 2013.  We first developed a Johannesburg Call to Action then a Campaign Narrative: “15 Solutions for 2015” and finally 5 mobilisation ideas which were shared across the GCAP national coalitions and constituency groups for their feedback.

The conclusion  - no one idea works in all national and regional context.  Vbnm,
-          there is fatigue around “summiteering”  
-          -we want mobilisations to be connected to local issues that are meaningful to people, and connect these to the global processes. 

The solution -  a flexible action that can be adapted to each national and regional context but with a common thread linking all actions to one overall global campaign.

The result -  Global Moves for Justice 2015 (working title)

What is a Global Move?

A Global Moves is  a public facing political event with three key components.

1) It will raise awareness of an issue of injustice based on the 15 Solutions for 2015 Campaign narrative.

2) There will be a clear political demand to governments to address this injustice (local, regional and/or global).

 3) Involve people actual physically moving in whatever way possible as creatively as possible.   This is most effective if people move from a place of injustice to a symbolic site of justice.


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